Going Vegan for One Month in Bali

October 18, 2017

On my trip to Bali, I was fortunate to stay with friends that may as well be considered family. Having the opportunity to stay with friends who lived in Bali allowed me to experience life from a local perspective. I was getting the inside scoop on where to eat, what to do and what to avoid. I was so immersed in the local culture, I almost forgot that I was a tourist, and mostly everyone I met thought I lived in or had been to Bali before. Funny!
As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do... so I ate exactly how my hosts would eat and followed a vegan diet. It’s the first time I have been vegan in a long time, but I barely missed my own home cooking. I loved enjoying healthy food without eggs, cheese and fish, which I usually consume on daily basis.
I must admit that I missed my kitchari and ghee, but besides that, nothing truly compares to a vegan regimen. My mind and my body felt so clean. My thoughts were clear and my energy was on fire.
In the morning, I typically had a green juice followed by a "Bali boost", which contained fresh almond milk, coco beans and Maca powder for energy. Breakfast would also consists of a forage made with brown rice quinoa, vegetables, seaweed and fresh ginger. I felt so nourished and ready to start my day and was definitely not missing my coffee and eggs!
Lunch was interesting too - I usually enjoyed a homemade hummus, fresh salad and falafel. Yum! Dinner was different each night, but some of my favorites dishes were soba noodles and miso soup.
The experience of Balinese food was so colorful and delicious, but the best part about eating clean was my increased energy levels and how clear my body and mind felt afterwards. If you have ever considered trying a vegan diet, my advice would be to go for it!